Sarah L.
Enjoyable Experience I was having severe back pain so my doctor sent me here for PT. My therapist was Dr Tobias. He came up with a strategy for me during my first session to each session after that with updates based on how I was recovering. He really knew his stuff, and he was patient and super friendly. I couldn't drive when I started PT so he came to me!
Tobias physical therapy made PT an enjoyable experience for me
Michael J.
Friendly and Accommodating Doctor Tobias is brilliant and takes the time to explain what he is doing and why he's doing it. He's also very friendly and accommodating. You could tell he genuinely cares about his patients.
Lorraine H.
Very Friendly I found Tobias PT online and I'm so glad I did! Their website was so informative and they were very friendly. My arthritis isn't acting up as much because of the PT and I will definitely go back to Joseph.
Joe S.
Flexible Schedule
I just started using Joseph and he really knows his business, not to mention how flexible his schedule is for those of us that work and are not around during the day!
B. Y.
Consummate Professional Dr. Tobias is the consummate professional and is friendly too. I've been through a lot of physical therapy over the past 15 years and findustry Dr. Tobias to be more knowledgeable and adept than any of the others. Easy to schedule appointments and if there is any wait time, it's negligible.
Rick D.
Highly Recommend Joseph is a pleasure to work with and achieves outstanding results. I highly recommend him for any physical therapy needs.